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New Promo

Hope you like our new Promo Picture!!

We were very fortunate to buy a caravan last May and it has made travelling to long distance gigs a lot more fun.

For our first adventure we chose a campsite quite close to home at White House Farm, Sibton owned by Gus and Mary. Whilst there Gus showed around the site and the beautiful Shepherd huts he makes with his son-in-law. He then showed us a Gypsy Caravan that he had made for Mary and what a work of art it is. It features paintings of their dogs and horses on the doors and shutters.

Well, we happened to mention that it would make great backing for a photoshoot and he had no hesitation arranging a date and his Grand-Daughter, Lauren, to be the photographer.

We duly arrived and the scene was set complete with caravan, campfire and dogs. What more could you ask for.

Hopefully this year we will be going back to Sibton and Gus will be inviting some musician friends along for a jam session around the campfire. Canít wait.

Later in the year we were a bit braver and travelled to a Country Music Festival at the Drax Power Station run by Steve Hanks, his wife Carol and friends.  This was a great festival and we got to know Steve and Carol and made some friends dancing.

The music was superb with outstanding Solos, Duos and Bands.

We made a short appearance in the Green room late one night which was quite nerve racking as there were a lot of superb entertainers in the audience.

Looking forward to going this one again.

2016 Here we come !!

After a fabulous New Yearís Eve Night we kissed goodbye to 2015.  It was a good year with every gig being a success and plenty of repeat bookings.

This year is promising to be busier than last year and we are already taking bookings for 2017.  New songs are being added to the act all the time with more material for line dancing and also Western swing and Rockabilly. A couple of Kacey Musgraves numbers have also crept in along with some vintage classics from Hank Williams, Patsy Cline and Bob Wills.

David has invested in a new Gretsch Guitar that will compliment the look and feel for the 40/50s swing sound that we love.

Canít wait to get the New Year started!

BYE BYE 2014 HELLO 2015

Well we've come to the end of 2014 and it's been a successful year for us having become a duo in April.   Obviously we were sad to lose Tony when he decided to leave us but we can   now   travel further afield and it has made us more affordable to clubs that couldn't stretch to a trio.

We were also able to appear on the Smith and Rogers Country Show in December and look forward to what it may bring us in the future, as we have some really positive feedback already.

In 2015 we are looking forward to recording some of our own material and thinking about doing a DVD too.

Bookings are now being taken for 2015 and 2016 so please contact us if you would like to book us.

We wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Gabbi and David

Duo getting sorted

Hi Everybody!

Itís been quite an eventful year so far. The ďDuoĒ gigs have all gone very well. We are getting new gigs coming in, and the future is looking good.

 We are going to spend the next couple of months concentrating on recording some of our original songs and intend to have them made available via download.  We are also considering a DVD instead of the usual CD. Lots of fine details to still sort out, but watch this space!

David is going to try to teach me the guitar, and has just bought me a left handed one which should come in the next few days. I am looking forward to that.  

Gabbi x

The Barhoppers "as2"

Travelling down to Bournemouth on Saturday for our final gig with Tony and The Barhoppers as  a trio I reflected back on the first time I stepped up into the van nearly four years ago.I sat in the back where I have continued to sit and thought how lucky I was to have found these two guys who were willing to give me a chance to live my dream.  I was thrilled and so excited but also very nervous.
It was a long journey to Grimsby that day but I had plenty of time to think about the task ahead and have a final run through (in my head) of the forty songs I had learnt in the space of four weeks before this gig.
Now, four years on, Tony has decided to retire from gigging ( well almost, as he has agreed to do an odd gig here and there with us as a trio again) ) and David and I are now going out as a duo.
We had our first gig today as a duo at Wrenningham Village Hall, Norfolk where there was a good turnout and we were overwhelmed by the support and response of the audience. Thanks guys.
We will miss Tony but are looking forward to seeing you all at our duo gigs. Gabbi x

New Gear

Gabbi here again to give you an update on our progress.

Our new gear arrived last week. First the new mixing desk. much smaller and compact.Then on Thursday our new speakers and stands arrived. We soon got them set up and were amazed by their clarity of sound.They are much smaller and lighter than our current ones, (very important as we wont have Tony with us after April),but they are just as powerful. We are delighted with them. 
Tony came over on Friday to put down some more tracks. He did another 20. We are now up to 'N' alphabetically. so I suppose we are about halfway there.They sound A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!
We booked a hall today for early January to practice setting up and trying out the new gear. We have also placed ads in the country music magazines, so all we need now is for the phone to start ringing and for the bookings to come flooding in. 

Gabbi signing in for an update

Last night we had a gig at Henley Community Centre. A lovely venue and as we arrived last night, Ivan, the club organiser, greeted me with a reminder that the last time we were there it was only my second gig with Tony and David and how nervous I was. WOW.. that was nearly four years ago.. how time flies when   you're enjoying yourself.

Our friends from Colchester, Rod and Sue, came last night and also remarked that "this was the place we first saw you with the boys".   They also went on to say that they simply had to come tonight as it may be the last time they   could get to see Tony play before he finishes in April and how sad they were that he is leaving. We are very sad too!

Tony came round last week to record his steel guitar on to our backing tracks. We got through 25 songs and we only got as far as "F", alphabetically speaking that is, so a long way to go yet, but the tracks sound amazing and we are very excited that we will keep a lot of our original sounds.

It was a good gig last night apart from the fact that there weren't as many people as we would have liked- but the odds were good for the raffle and my Mum managed to swoop most of the prizes!!

Getting our new PA equipment soon and we had photos and business cards printed this week, so were are getting our act together as we speak, so watch this space.....
Signing out for now.
Gabbi X

April 2011

Gabbi writes...
We are very pleased to announce we have now released our new CD, which is called. " Something - Old, New, Borrowed and Bluegrass".

Unfortunately, the first two venues we were to launch the arrival of our CD were thwarted by the fact that I had a car accident on the way to the gig on Good Friday!!! I sustained minor lacerations to my right arm and upper body caused by broken glass and had to spend several days in Hospital waiting to have the glass surgically removed. Luckily I am still here to tell the tale.
I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to those who booked us for the 22nd and 23rd April for not being able to appear.

Prior to this, on the 18th April, David, his wife Mic and I went to see Gene Watson at the Apollo Club in Harleston and saw a superb show featuring, "C'est le vie" who played throughout the evening accompanying the artists. They were all of the highest calibre. Supporting Gene Watson was Nicky James and Lisa McHugh and she will certainly go far in the Country Music world and has a very bright future ahead of her. Gene Watson thrilled the audience with his wonderful voice and great songs. A wonderful evening was Gabbi and Gene Watsonhad by all.




Gabbi and Gene Watson


Happy New Year

Not sure if anyone reads this blog but just in case,  Hi ,Happy New Year to everyone and itís time for another Blog.

Tony and gabbi have had birthdays since the last Blog,(Happy Birthday to them both.) Tony is a lot older than Gabbi (obviously)!!. Christmas has been and gone and we are into 2011, where has the time gone.

We lost a couple of gigs because of the snow so apologies to anyone who turned out to one of those venues to find out it had been cancelled. Itís a tough call from the promoters as to whether they should go ahead with an event. Even if the band can get there the audiences donít show up which makes the night less enjoyable/profitable for all concerned.

The new CD mentioned in the last blog is still being recorded as we took a break during December from it, not enough hours in a day. We have also changed the songs we decided to record because Gabbi is writing her own songs and we shall be including some of these tracks on the CD. Keep watching this space.

We are looking forward to 2011 so look up the gig guide and we hope to meet you along the way, come and have a chat.

July and August

Since the last blog we've been out and about to Rettendon (Essex), Docking (Norfolk), Ipswich (Suffolk), The Rubber Duck Festival ,Methwold (think that's Norfolk), Hemsby (Definitely Norfolk) and Cockfield (Suffolk) and we have had brilliant receptions at all of them. It's a hard thing changing a singer in a band and to keep the support of the regular clubs and followers is something we really appreciate.

We met a lot of you at the Rubber Duck Festival at the end of August when we stayed on after our sets and it was nice to catch up and introduce Gabbi to you. It's also a good way for us to see other bands on the circuit and this festival had a good variety of acts on the day we were there. Friendly lot too.

This comming week we shall be starting work on our first CD and are hoping to get it out for Christmas so watch this space and we'll let you know when it's available.

Don't forget if you come to one of our gigs and you want a chat you'll usually find us near the bar (if there is one!!).

Back in the swing of it

Well, having had the whole of June off we got back into the swing of things with two gigs on the first weekend in July and three on the following one.

Even though we had to contend with the world cup (suppose it could have been worse if England had stayed in!) we had good crowds and it was nice to get some very good feedback from our regular followers about how Gabbi has fitted in with us.

A new venue for us was the Home Guard club in Leiston (Gabbi's home town) which proved to be a quieter night compared to their normal crowds (we were told) because two local weddings had drawn the audience away for the night. Those that were there enjoyed what we did and future bookings will be forthcoming.

Having got us out of a muddle throughout May Gabbi has started to learn some new songs to bring in to the act and very soon we hope to be starting work on a this space!

One last thing, Gabbi would like to say thank you to Janet and Jim (cardigan) for the flowers they brought her when we were at the Lazy K, (Tony and I didn't feel left out at all)!!

Gabbi and Suzy Bogguss

Gabbi with Suzy Bogguss 

Monday 7th June, I went to see Suzy Bogguss in concert at The Stables in Milton Keynes. I really enjoyed the concert and it was a great privilege to meet her. The acoustics at The Stables were superb, she sang beautifully and her musicians were brilliant. A really enjoyable evening. Gabbi.

June Break

Gabbi jumped in at the last minute to take over the singing when Suzy left us in April instead of the end of May so we were able to honour our May gigs. 

However we had already had to cancel some gigs in June before Gabbi came to our rescue so we have a break now until the beginning of July.
Check out the gig guide on the website and download a copy if you need one.

Chichester 29th May 2010

Travelled for over 5 hours to get to Chichester thanks to the Bank Holiday traffic.

Had a great gig though and made very welcome by Tony and all at the club. Look forward to future bookings here.
Eventually got home at 4.30 am just as the birds were waking up!!

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